Harrison Street takes a unique approach to working with its operating partners by dedicating resources who serve as their advocate

The Firm’s Operating Partner Services department strives to fully understand each operating partner; their culture, management team, business processes, and company strategy in order to adequately tailor solutions that meet each partner’s specific needs. Key focus areas of the team include:

  • Establishing sharing communities through conferences, workshops and joint initiatives
  • Facilitating relationships between partners and world-renowned industry experts
  • Executing on operational improvement opportunities
  • Baselining performance through data benchmarking analysis 
  • Championing Sustainability, Health and Wellness initiatives 
  • Utilizing predictive analytics to enhance asset design and delivery
  • Researching and leveraging new technologies and services that address specific needs

Fourth Annual Senior Housing Operator Conference

In August 2020, Harrison Street hosted its annual Senior Housing Operator conference which brought together the Firm’s partners to share best practices to provide safe and controlled environments for residents and staff amid the pandemic. This year, 20 senior housing operators and featured guest speakers discussed the future of senior housing design, third-party certification for viral safety and how to lead during a time of crisis.

Thank you to our operators for your passion and commitment to finding innovative solutions for our residents.

We are pleased to partner with world class operators in the US and Europe who we consider an extension of the Harrison Street team. Our Operating Partner Services team was designed to advocate for all operating partners and is committed to understanding their needs to assist them in finding and improving operational solutions for their staff, properties and tenants.

Jill Brosig, Director